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Monday, 13 September 2010

Why do men go for Escorts?

Should you think of an escort or prostitute, the mental image portrayed inside your brain tends to be of a women. More than 98% of the population that use escorts or prostitutes are male. This article will look into some of the key reasons luring males into the sex industry.

Fantasy or Sexual Fetish – Men may not be able to realise their sexual fantasies with their partners such as having more than one escort at once or experiencing a bizarre sexual fetish. Many escorts tend to have a list of the services they will perform or act out such as bondage, role play or submission to name a few so a male can experience many different sexual endeavours.

Discretion – Men have a tendency to be able to separate the emotional side of a relationship to the physical side. The physical attraction and the discretion within the escort industry enables men to be able to have affairs or one night stands with escorts without the fear of being caught by their partners. The fact that men know the escort will not expect to be called back the next day or being called themselves is a definite lure.

Escapism is a diversion from normal life. Many men use escorts as an “escape” from the perceived unpleasant or trite aspects of daily life. Escapism can also be used as a term to define the actions men take when hiring the services of an escort to help relieve continued feelings of depression or general sadness. Some men do pay escorts to make them feel better and compliment them.

A moderately high percentage of men who are not sexually active use escorts or prostitutes. The low social confidence of a man trying to date or meet someone of the opposite sex is a factor pushing men into using escorts. By paying for sex and companionship, a man may feel as though they have formed a relationship to a small degree.

Forming Friendships is a large reason men tend to use escorts or prostitutes. They might be lonely or not have many friends so by paying for an escorts’ time, they actually build up what appears to be a friendship to the male. Some males become attached to a particular escort or prostitute so they actually spend a considerable amount of time together.

After speaking to a former Leeds Escort she said “The different types of men you meet is astonishing. You meet shy timid men who clearly have psychological issues, to rich business men to males who purely see you as a sex object. All you’re there to do is please the man for the time he has paid for but there are always limits I didn’t cross. During my time work in Leeds I built up some good relationships with my clients but after I gave up I broke all ties with the industry. You just do not want to be reminded of it everyday by keeping these relationship or friendships going.”